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Late night, calm waters.
A beautiful woman walks by the sea.
Her gazes on the sea,  the stillness of the night.
She wanders aimlessly along the shores of the beach of dreams.
Leaving no feet prints in its majestic shores, instead, she leaves trails of false hopes of things that never was or never will be.

Her heart broken all so many times, leaving her to wonder, is there truly a way to mend a broken heart or are those old sayings just something to ease the pain.
Being heart broken as many times as her cold dead heart has been broken, one would be foolish to think such things, as hearts mending, memories coming and going as if the events never took place.

Her last heartbreak happened on the day of fools.
Forever she wanders the beaches looking for love, but in her mind, nothing will change who or what she is.
A phantom with no soul, trapped forever in this beach of dreams.
Beach of Dreams
Another poem I made today

please read, review and enjoy
The old abandoned house sat in the heart of Uptown. Though thought to be around in the mid-1700’s, the home was in perfect condition, taken care of by many generations of the village people.  The home not only beautiful and very luxurious it was also haunted with a small cemetery in the gardens of the home, nameless graves, no one knows who is buried in the once lavish gardens, the only thing surrounding the graves now was remnants of a busted statue, an old moth-eaten water fountain, withered trees and also an old an old building, though the home had been vacant for many years the lights in the building always come on at the stroke of midnight. The people had often stated the house was cursed, a bad omen for those to cross it’s path because those who have stepped on the grounds of the home met with a cruel fate. The town's population slowly, decreasing in numbers, but moving from the lands also doomed their souls once one enters Uptown there is no turning back.
The House in Uptown
A very short poem I had decided to make today, this place is totally part of my imagination I needed some inspiration so this is what I got.

Please read and review and most importantly enjoy your visit to Uptown, may you have a safe trip.
Leonard drove with the top of his car up due to the storm outside the toasty car. Gabriel had listened to the radio wrapped in his favorite blanket until he had fallen asleep, Leonard with his eyes still on the road pushed the off button on the radio. The two had a busy night planned, but Gabriel fell asleep, Leonard was glad in a way. He had been in War earlier in the week and on the plane in the morning and afternoon, returning home from the wars, he was exhausted. He was preparing for bed when his mother called him to go check out the gunshots. Leonard drove through the large tunnel that was near his home, Gabriel stretched waking up.

“Leonard, why is it so dark?” Gabriel looked at the man in the other seat.

Leonard smiled a tired smile at the child, “It is past midnight and we are in a tunnel, don’t worry, I got you some snacks while I was getting things on the way here they are in the door.”
Gabriel uncovered himself looking at the door, seeing it was full of candy bars, he reaches in and pulled out a Twix bar. He looked at it opening it getting one out handing a stick to Leonard, who shook his head, “No, you eat it. I’m not much on candy, but it is appreciated, though.”

Gabriel looked in the back seat to see numerous grocery bags, “That’s a lot of groceries, just for two people.”

Leonard yawned and said, “You’re a growing boy, your birthday is today. You will be eating more than I will, I’m sure.”

Gabriel looked back at Leonard, who appeared paler than he was in the battle at his home, “Are you sick? You look like you’re sick.”

Leonard looked Gabriel and shook his head, “I’m fine, why do you think otherwise?”

“Sick people get pale and you look like a ghost and are almost as white as my blanket.” Gabriel watched as Leonard looked away pulling his sleeves down.

Gabriel looked out the window, as they exited the tunnel. “I know why you’re pale, I never paid attention until now, but you’re always out of a night. When I see you out in the sun you always have a hood and shirt on, even in the summer time and it is hot. You’re a vampire, right?”

Leonard stopped the car by slamming on the brakes, Leonard looked at the child, “A vampire? You just witnessed the deaths tonight and you think I’m a vampire if I was a vampire, how could I stand to be around all the blood tonight and not expose my secret?”

Gabriel looked at him, shocked, “So you’re not a vampire then?”

Leonard looked at the boy then at the outside, focusing his gazes at Gabriel, “No, I’m not a vampire. I’m unique, let’s just say being human is far from what I am.”

Gabriel looked at him, “Then what are you then?”

Leonard looked at Gabriel, “A Trueblood vampire, my kind doesn't have to feed off of the living to gain the pleasure of satisfying their hunger, so you don’t have worries there. Human blood doesn’t really bring me satisfaction.”

Gabriel swallowed hard, looking at the candy bar and sighed, “Good thing ‘bout that, huh?”

Leonard sighed, shaking his head, looking back at the road and started driving once  more.

Gabriel smiled as Leonard pulled into the driveway of a condo outside of town. Leonard opened his door getting out looking at Gabriel, “I trust  
the secret is safe with you?”

Gabriel looked at Leonard nodding his head as the two of them started to unload the car and let Gabriel call it a night.

Once this was done Leonard opened his deep freeze getting a container opening it the blood smelt intoxicating, he got some in a glass sitting at the large table drinking the blood looking at the moon that hung high and full tonight. The distant sounds of the coyote’s growling and the owl’s flapping their wings to roam the skies. It was peaceful, closing his eyes, he leaned back in his chair listening to the sounds around him. Finishing off his last sip of blood, he opened his eyes looking at his pale skin started to have the tone of the living, his hearing seemed to enhance as did his powers.

He stood to his feet as the sound of ruffling covers and silent cries entered his ears for the first time since he had come home with the young child.

He walked upstairs to Gabriel’s room opening the door Gabriel turned to face him, Leonard looked at him walking over to him sitting on the king sized bed, “I broke my promise Leonard, my mom’s mad at me, isn’t she?”

Leonard looked at him, “It’s easy to make a promise Gabriel, saying I promise is the easy part, it’s the harassing task of handling your promise. You made the promise to her a few hours ago, you have been through many events tonight, but you are young. No promise comes easy to master in such a short amount of time, even I have problems keeping promises unless I know I can, and I fight myself, my thoughts and anything that tries to stand in my way of keeping that promise.”

Gabriel looked at Leonard, “Vampires have to keep promises?”

“It’s more difficult keeping promises from a vampire viewpoint, my mother doesn’t want to take in the fact of what I am, she blames the war for my turning. But I’m older than I appear,  I have been around since the year 400, my adopted mother found me when I was in a rough patch in my life, I enrolled in the military to fight the nations that endangered my human family. I have to promise myself every day that I swore to my adopted family that I would protect everyone I could.” Leonard looked at him, “It’s getting better over time to keep promises you’ll get the grasp of it in time, just be patient.”

Gabriel looked at Leonard as the thunder roared, “Thanks, if only you could make storms stop.”

Leonard stood up, looking at him with a smile, “I don’t have that power sorry, just try to relax the storm will pass by soon.”
The day had come to a close as most of the people in their homes would be showering and readying themselves to go to bed to awake and prepare for the next morning. Gabriel; however, a young boy in the month of his birthday when he would turn seven. Gabriel a smart child, knew when trouble was near, it was undeniable that he could get that his life was going to come to an end as the glisten of the silver pistol barrel looked at him, he could feel his heart pound, rapidly as if it were going to leap from his chest. The man that stood before him with a smirk, his finger hugging the trigger glaring at the frightened young child whom he had every intention of ending his life as he had done his parents and savior, the lone police officer had taken a bullet from the man for the child who was attempting to run from the bloodshed and find help, the killer didn’t see it happen the way they wanted it to happen.

Gabriel placed his hands over his now closed eyes. The next events seem to happen in slow motion, the ring of the gun being fired, but no pain followed behind the impact of the hit, the next sound was skin chilling at the sound as something hard being slammed against the wall next to him. Gabriel opened his eyes, uncovering them as he saw the source of the sounds, the neighbor's son Leonard Cross had the killer in a choke hold against the wall, neither man noticed the child. Gabriel saw the pistol lying at the choking man’s feet as he tried to escape the raven black haired man's grip. The smile he wore earlier now a look of strain as sweat poured from his pores.
Leonard looked at the man freeing one of his hands as he jabbed the man roughly in the temple, knocking him to the ground Leonard kicked the gun in the air, catching it spinning around the man had found his footing and was ready to punch Leonard who squeezed the trigger with perfect aim he shot the killer in the head. He looked at Gabriel throwing the empty gun onto the fallen man's chest, Leonard walked over to the young boy kneeling to him, “Gabriel, are you alright? My parent’s sent me over to assist you once they heard the gunshots. I will be taking you to my home tonight and get this sorted out in the morning, do you understand me?”

Gabriel looked at the man in front of him who also looked at him waiting for his answer.
“My mom, she told me to run, I tried, but he stopped me.” Gabriel now felt tears come from his brown eyes.
Leonard looked at the fallen woman then at Gabriel, “You have done well to make it this far, no matter what comes in your mind don’t allow yourself to think that you have failed her. Make her that promise, Gabriel.”
Gabriel looked at the older man who still looked at him, “I promise.”

Leonard stood to his feet getting his cell phone opening it dialing a number as Gabriel sat on the floor, cradling himself as the held back tears made their way down his face.

“Yes, mother. I know, no I can’t do that. I know, I’m sure you would take care of Gabriel. Mother, now you’re just being funny, I will take Gabriel in until everything is settled. When I am called again, I will place him under your care, money wise you and father couldn’t take care of a child right now. That was inappropriate, I do not hate children, why would I risk my safety to protect something I hate? Humorous, really mother, I’m laughing on the inside, I most certainly will not do that. Fine mother, I will see what I can do about that; No. I am going to hang up on you if you can’t agree to disagree, you are not able to take care of a child in the state of mind Gabriel is in. It looks like a horror film over here and the child is crying his eyes out, I will take him to therapies and get him stabilized emotionally before I hand him to you… Really, that’s very thoughtful, I don’t mind retiring from the service, it was starting to become a bore anyway. Bye Mother, we’ll see you in a little while.” Leonard hung up the cell phone closing it as he sighed. He looked at Gabriel kneeling down to him, holding him close.Gabriel looked at him, wrapping his arms around Leonard’s neck, crying into the raven-haired man’s shirt. Leonard picked up Gabriel leaves the house, Leonard got into a bullet-gray convertible. Opening the passenger door, he sat with the child closing the door. The warmth of the car caused Gabriel to get comfortable laying his head on Leonard’s chest. Gabriel looked at his savior who stared out the window, “Will I get to see you after tonight? What if that guy comes and tries to do that again?” Leonard looked at the child, “You will be staying at my home tonight, then I will try to see if I can have custody of you, Gabriel; relax the dead can’t hurt the living. Just try to calm down.”

Gabriel looked at Leonard, “We are great friends and you are rich, shouldn’t it work that you can have me live with you?”

Leonard looked at the child opening the door, sitting Gabriel in the seat, “I don’t see why not to be honest. I’ll go get you some clothes, is there anything else you want?”

Gabriel watched as Leonard put the seatbelt around him as a faint click was heard. Gabriel nodded his head, “I want my favorite pillow, my favorite blanket, and all my snacks.”

Leonard looked at him, “The pillow and blanket I can get, but I would rather not let you re-enter the home. We’ll go and get you some snacks and food on the way to my home. Just wait here.”

Leonard closed the door. Gabriel watched as Leonard walked into the home.
The Storm
The Storm, a story of the supernatural world of vampires in war seeking a leader of their laws. Young Gabriel the child born of ancient bloodline is the leader of the vampire but given his age and part human no one believes that Gabriel is their leader and the chosen one for this legacy.
Okay, I've had writers block up to this point, but now I can comfortably say that I'm getting that spark back, so if you are like me and love looking at newer stories that people post and this is a literature account all things reading so here it is everyone the latest of my newest fandoms Resident Evil: No Hope Left


'1998, I'll never forget it, It was the year when the grizzly murders took place in Raccoon City, crippling its very foundation. It was due to the Umbrella Corporation, the president ordered that Raccoon City is terminated to avoid any viral outbreaks, Umbrella was finished, their stock markets crashed causing a huge business decrease to the company. Now the year is 2016 my partner and I were sent to investigate suspicious incidents at the Ivy University College, an outbreak rumored to be turning the students to nothing more than the living dead, feasting on the flesh of the living, Raccoon City's secrets that the government had not made public was beginning to rear its ugly head, various questions ran through my mind, but the main question, would this outbreak stay at the college, or had it already become worldwide. I had feared the events that had taken place all those years ago in Raccoon City was starting to resurface, had Umbrella somehow gained some leads and were up to their old tricks again, but my nightmare was just coming to life, however, this time, they were worse than the 1998 events”

Resident Evil:

No Hope Left

The world as everyone knew it was coming apart at the seams, the outbreak had started small, but in a short period of time, it was rapidly taking over the United States, making its way around the entire globe. The President had been shot from becoming infected by the newly created virus, Leon and Helena found him too late to save him and the college, the three of us now are in hiding from Simmons, faking our deaths for false crimes pinned to our names. Thanks to Ingrid Hunnigan, our support, we were able to escape the clutches of the U.S. Government as we made our way to China by plane. However, no one said this was going to be easy, we are battling our nation, while fighting to find an antidote to this disaster. We were fighting the odds for our survival, and also trying to find a way to save the planet.

This is just an introduction of the story, for those who have played RE6 this setting should be very familiar to you, with some of my personal touches to the story, I don't want to completely copy the game just parts that I believe are worth adding and leaving the parts that I didn't really enjoy, or think they won't make sense in the story. Enjoy.


I am writing this journal for two reasons and they are stated in the title. First, I will start with my writing history and the meaning behind that, it would appear that my grandmother had a trophy hanging on one of her walls with all the things that people have made her, mainly family. I have had intentions on looking at one for the longest time but busy, busy times. I know I had written in last night entry that I was taking a break well, I'll get into that in a bit. My grandmother and I were cleaning this Wednesday and I asked her to leave that one trophy down so that I could read it, so she had it where I could get around to looking at it. Well, I read it over and over for 15-20 minutes, and that was when it came to me that I had written the little poem, back in 1997. My guess is in grade school, and I know that I had often stated to you guys that Gothic Melody was written back 2006, but that wasn't the first original story that I had to my name. Heck, I remember growing up watching DBZ (DragonBallZ) to those who don't know what I am talking about, it use to be my favorite cartoon and Silent Hill was my official internet fandom, but yes there is that but. I have sat and plundered my thoughts all day and I recall that I wasn't always too excited to show my work on the internet, due to the grammar problem that I have been trying to get rid of. I remember the first original story that I had written was based off an idea I had while playing POP Sands of time on the PS2, but in my story a Prince Tyrone Abernathy meets and falls in love with a peasant girl Cynthia, I can't recall her last name right off. It also appeared that Jerome, Tyrone's younger twin brother lost at birth they reunite, Tyrone wanted away from the royal life, while Jerome wanted the royal life so that he could find better doctors for his dying adopted mother. I had planned on making a sequel to it, but never got around to it, that was 2004, I switched to writing one-shot fandoms for a year before I started the Gothic Melody series, 2006 and wrote the lost book also known as book 7 in 2008, the original series never ended, but through various moving and Spring Cleanings I have decided to title the whole original story "Gothic Melody: Tales of the Lost Souls". I may try to do something with it with the memories I have of it, I want to first see if I still have the original if not I don't plan on making any future stories revolving around the title Gothic Melody due to it being an incomplete series and a memory I want to keep to myself, it's a very fond memory writing that series that will always hold a special place in my heart. Just the journey of getting the feedback from it from family and friends, this is a memory I don't want to share.

Break, this has a lot to do with other reasons and also the writing history, I have decided me as a person though my emotions are going nuts, however, my writing self-urges me to keep this up, I don't want to ignore that part of myself I did once and I am just now getting it back, so never will I put my love for writing to the side again, not for art or anyone. Writing is who I am and I don't want to let this go again, because I have met some of the BEST people through my writing online and offline and that is what I enjoy and it drives me to continue this hobby, feedback is great and everything, but I have my reasons for not becoming famous or publishing, I could do it if I tried but this falls under the category of not wanting this memory to be shared because of the road and people who have paved it for me. Maybe it makes sense to you perhaps not but that is the journal for today, I hope those who have considered letting their dream of doing this die, if you read this then you give it a second thought.

P.S. This is for some people you should know who you are, life and writing though it seems hopeless and a waste. I will stand by my journal and my bumpy roads when I say, never give up. Life is a story it's the decisions we make of what type of story we are and share with our audiences. I love you, my favorite sisters.
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